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Helping you create your dream career 

The harsh reality is that your ideal job, perfect profession or dream career won’t come and find you!

However, the good news is – I can offer you real-world advice and practical actions to help you identify and create your future. With my knowledge, support, guidance and coaching you’ll build your confidence to put your own unique career plan into action.

Dream – say yes, AND then take action to make it happen!

Are you looking for some FREE speedy career support?

Finding your future, career planning and creating your dream career isn’t easy, can be confusing, is often scary and takes time – sometimes doing it on your own is just too much.

That’s why I created the Career Quest Facebook page, for people like you who want motivation, encouragement and practical careers ideas to help you get ahead!

Working Together

Ready to explore new ideas and new ways of thinking?

Ready to take action to find your future, get your ideal job and achieve your career goals? 

Ready to make changes, be brave, step out of your comfort zone and use strategies that really do work?

Ready to put yourself first and take action to make things happen?

Ready to make progress and achieve career success?

As a career coach, I have the knowledge, experience and know-how to help you to find your future, secure your ideal job and create your dream career.

Grab a coffee and dive in below to find out more.

Stand out from the crowd and be at your best. Discover the tools to develop your skills and the confidence needed to connect with the world of work and to build your dream career. 

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Unlock your potential and find your future. Working either in person or online we’ll work together to discover your career hopes, dreams and goals – even if you’re not sure what they are yet! 

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Are you looking to raise aspirations, inspire, motivate, build confidence and help individuals identify their potential and connect with the world of work? Bringing career thoughts and ideas to life!

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Want to create your dream career, but you just don’t have a clue how to do it, let alone where to start? You’ve got tons of questions but no answers. Get FREE support now from Career Quest on Facebook – join me now.

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Hi! I’m Jo 

As a career coach I’ll help you to find your future, develop your potential, create your own unique career plan and most importantly take action to help you realise your dream career.

Whether you need help to explore your future career options, to identify your career values, to understand your career motivations and mind-set, to recognise what makes you unique, to develop your skills and understanding, to create your winning CV, to ace your interview or to identify how you can stand out in the world of work – then you’ve come to the right place.

When you get the right help, you’ll start to make the right progress.

Come on over to find out more about me…

Comments from recent clients

“I have witnessed Jo’s relaxed, engaging approach when working with students to help them identify their career goals and work out a route to achieving them. She is a really creative person who constantly comes up with great new ideas including some highly successful skills development programmes for students. I would recommend Jo to you without hesitation.”

Gareth Lewis
Coventry University London Campus

“Jo is a fantastic career coach – she listens, is supportive, is encouraging and has pushed me to think of my skills and career in a different way. She’s  helped me identify my strengths and that’s given me confidence to apply for jobs and attend interviews. Developing my career action plan has really helped me see the actions I need to take to be successful.”

Business & Marketing undergraduate

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